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Re: Script for creating .htpasswd file?

Author:Steve Hooker
Posted:6/15/1999; 10:00:54 AM
Topic:Script for creating .htpasswd file?
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I used a perl script from called Account Manager LITE. It has a good user manual to help you set it up. It's a set of scripts that allow you to add users and password directories. Basically, you have to fill in the generated forms. However, I then used the tcpcmd suite to automate the filling in of forms and rendered a .htaccess to the correct directory with the correct users. The Account Manager LITE took care of encoding the password and storing it in the .htpasswd file.

Some general help on .htaccess:

If you're doing it on a mac, those .htaccess files can help to mangle your directory structure - I don't think files beginning with a fullpoint are happy on a mac.

If I can help anymore...

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