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Author:Ian Davis
Posted:6/16/1999; 12:37:29 PM
Topic:Netscape on next rev of RSS
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This is exactly my view. It is certainly possible to extend the RSS format but should we wait until Netscape issue their revision? One of the big advantages of RSS is that it's RDF which means that if you have an RDF parser you can understand RSS. An RDF parser is built into the forthcoming Mozilla browser and one of the key interface features is the bookmarks file which is, you guessed it, RDF. It basically means that if one of your bookmarks points to an RSS channel Mozilla can fetch the channel when you click on it and bring the links straight into your bookmarks menu. Now if something like OCS was RDF as well...

All this makes these channel based portal sites a bit redundant - the browser will be the portal because you will be able to add your content to people's bookmark lists. Hmmm, I wonder what the latest headlines at Wired are? I'll just click Bookmarks -> News -> Wired, oh yes!


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