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scriptingNews outline for 6/17/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/17/1999; 5:50:48 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/17/99
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New channel: Tomalak's Realm. Most excellent!

More great news! XML.COM is now producing a fat XMLization, just like Tomalak and Scripting News. This is very good news indeed. The more support we get the more likely Netscape and others will let the content drive the process, not technology and industry politics.

I'm looking for volunteers to write scripts in Tcl, Python, Perl, AppleScript, etc to turn straight text into a channel file for My.UserLand.Com. If there are volunteers I'll kick it off by releasing the source for a Frontier script that produces our XMLization.

OK, we got volunteers for Java, Python, Perl and Cold Fusion. So in keeping with my offer, here's the source code for the script that produces a My.UserLand.Com channel that runs in Frontier 6.

Steve Zellers posts an AppleScript version of textToXml. Thanks!!

Adam Trachtenberg posts a PHP version. Coool!

"Over 1,001,357 messages served." I'm not sure when we crossed the 1 million mark, but has been serving lots of messages lately!

SF Chron: Jerry Sends His Regards.

Jon Katz on flaming. "On the Net and the Web, openly expressed ideas are on the beginning of a discussion, not the end. A tech or not, the writer has to accept the fact that some, if not most, of his ideas will turn out to be incomplete, illogical, even wrong. This is the very different reality of the interactive writer: the willingness not only to receive criticism, but also to accept and study it."

InfoWorld: Preaching to the Converted at Java One. "In a tone reminiscent of a rally on the campus of U.C. Berkeley, Sueltz shouted, 'refuse to conform to proprietary development models. Throw them out! Subvert the forces that would fragment Java! Continue to fight for open standards!'"

MacWEEK: Five Keys to OSX Success. "Can Apple release an operating system so compelling that the majority of G3 owners upgrade and owners of older Macs buy a new computer to run the new operating system?"

Wired: Salon's real swipe at the system. "If Salon's IPO goes smoothly, it could land a devastating blow to one of Wall Street's most lucrative franchises: taking companies public."

NY Times: Banner ads on the move. "Web publishers and interactive advertising agencies have been under pressure to experiment with different types of campaigns -- and the results are increasingly visible on users' screens."

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