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Internet Cafe
Posted:6/21/1999; 11:17:10 AM
Topic:Internet Cafe
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I just got back from two weeks in Latvia, and my only way to access the web easily was an Internet Cafe. If I had wanted to I could have arranged access to a lap top, and found a way to dial to access a provider, but I just wanted to be able to check e-mail and check a few things that have become a normal part of my life. The cafe filled my needs easily.

For people who live in Latvia, the costs associcated with accessing the internet are prohibitive compared to the West. Local hone calls are the equivalent of 2 cents a minute, and access to the web throught the phone company is expensive for direct access or an ISP.

For people who don't live on the internet like us folks, the abillity to surf for the same time and about the same cost as going to the movie is a treat until ubiquitous net access is truly univeral. A niche filled by internet cafes.


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