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Re: Internet Cafe

Author:William Morein
Posted:6/21/1999; 12:07:25 PM
Topic:Internet Cafe
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My take on internet cafes:

When they were first introduced (1994? 1995?) I remember thinking that they were essentially useless to me because the main things I used the internet for (e-mail, ftp, web authoring) were unavailable because of the lack of Hotmail, etc. I think that the feeling was pretty common.

Now, on the other hand, you _can_ do most of the things you want directly on the web; I use them fairly frequently while travelling internationally (along with internet kiosks at airports). Perhaps perceptions have not yet caught up.

P.S. I am currently in London for a few months on business -- if I am near Victoria Station at any point I'll pop in and check it out.

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