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scriptingNews outline for 6/23/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/23/1999; 6:30:30 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/23/99
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As part of the convergence of the digital world with the restaurant world, we whipped up a little web-kiosk so people can get a window into the world of Buck's on the Web, from the world of Buck's in Woodside. If people like it this could become a semi-permanent feature at the restaurant.

Has anyone looked into IBM's Bean Scripting Framework?

Dave Winer: The Hidden Failure of MSIE. "I don't think they love the web. What a bad situation for the web. Because so many people use the web and because there's no real sign of life at Netscape either. Marc Andreessen is givin a lot of speeches. But where's the software?"

Jodi Mardesich: Out of Microsoft. "Rearden Steel is definitely about innovation," he goes on. The more he talks, the more it sounds like that kind of innovation was hard to do at Microsoft.

12/2/96: "We can all back up our own websites. Let's pick a time to do it. Copy your website to a floppy disk, and put the disk in a safe deposit box, clearly marked as being part of the backup-the-web project. Your heirs can pass it down thru the generations. Uncle Dave was a webmaster! Look kids, here's what he did. My disk could become an heirloom."

Side-note: We've been archiving the My.UserLand.Com channels, so if historians want to trace the development of syndication on the web, we'll be able to give them a clue. Murphy-willing!

NY Times: Salon IPO Falls Short. ", an online magazine with meager revenue, went public with a whimper today, as investors continued to weigh not only the value of Internet issues themselves but also that of the institutions leading them to market."

Jesse Berst: Four reasons you're gonna love XML. I guess it cures every ill. Will XML pay your taxes too?

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