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Re: Hidden failure of MSIE

Posted:6/23/1999; 8:11:50 AM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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one excuse for MS to keep the text editor in the web browser crippled:

It doesn't help. You can write in style, change this, change that; bold this, bold that. But after you submit, the browser will bring back plain text.

I think one half of the job of a text editor is for styling (changing page format, font styles and sizes, spacing ...), another half is for easy writing and editing (grammar checking, spell checking, thesaurus ... ).

IMHO, although the web browser cannot give you text styling, it should at least give you easy writing. Everytime when I use Outlook Express, when I type a misspelled word, and when Outlook Express underlines the misspelled word just like MS Word, I wonder why Internet Explorer cannot do that when I write email using my Hotmail account!

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