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Where's the software?
Posted:6/23/1999; 5:22:53 PM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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Well I do have one promising tidbit to offer about the newer software, as far as Macintosh goes. Tuesday, June 22, Mozilla has posted M7 online, the next generation of Netscape. It's better, it's still not all that, seeing as how it's still beta'd buggy but they are sharing the software to get user feedback, support and will hopefully listen and release a further polished final.

Do I sound too optimistic?? heh

Then of course on June 20, iCab also released a newer beta of their browser software. SO the software is coming, and if we're all diligent with feedabk, we'll all be better in the end.

One other Mac/PC MSIE comment. Why on earth haven't the features that I hear most mac users praising being rolled into the PC version? After all it's all about usability. Usability led me to use Outlook Express over Netscape, mainly de to system hogging. why fire up a huge software package when all you need is to check email? Of course this is mainly a Mac situation, conserving RAM and all, but the same psychological reasoning undoubtably exists.. "Why drag the toobox upstairs when you just need a screwdriver"?

just a few few thoughts..


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