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Re: Where's the software?

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:6/23/1999; 8:07:27 PM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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Usability led me to use Outlook Express over Netscape, mainly de to system hogging.

"Why drag the toobox upstairs when you just need a screwdriver"?

I like your analogy. :)

This is interesting, it's the same reason I use Eudora Lite 3.0.6. It's very very small, so much so that I can keep it running all day and not really feel it. It does everything I need. It's free. And when the browser changes, it doesn't affect my email one bit.

I kinda gravitate to using separate apps for separate tasks, myself. Small, focused tools that are good at one job. Part of the problem in the big browsers is that they try to wear too many hats. And I percieve this as a central problem that Windows itself has. And many many commercial apps. Word and Excel, even pared down to their bare-ass minimum, are ~20M each. For what I use them for, why do they have to be this large? So many features I don't need but must have just the same.

Of course, this is sort-of an anti-opinion of the desire to have editing right in the browser. hehe

But personally I like having focused, tight, solid tools for individual jobs. I'm a command-line person. Sure, I love my mouse and wouldn't live in a non-gui system at all. But I value the power of the command line and the many small tools that come to us from Unix. They are my toolbox.

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