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Re: One program to read, another to write

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:6/25/1999; 6:06:50 AM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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I know that your browser would try to download the applet from the host of the page each time it hits the applet tagging. But if there were a de-facto standard editor applet (or small group of them), soon they'd be cached by many browsers. Not a clean solution at all, but it would feel to you that it just happened.

And this doesn't address the fact that the user should really be able to choose which type of editor widget is in use on his/her machine. For instance, I vastly prefer the vi editor style. And unless I specifically make that happen for myself, I fully assume I would never see that coming down in an applet on a site such as this.

This is an interesting situation where the download-on-demand model of Java applets is not servicing the problem very well. But I don't like the native code solution of ActiveX or whatever. It just strikes me as another compromise (compromising the Mac and Linux, surely).

It's too bad that there isn't some way to tag a "get the editor that the user likes to use" instruction into a page.

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