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Re: Magic 8032 bytes?

Author:André Radke
Posted:6/29/1999; 9:34:43 AM
Topic:Magic 8032 bytes?
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I _think_ I've only seen this from windows servers but I may be wrong.

That's also what I have seen so far. However, there seem to be other problems on Mac OS.

At one point I think I had this tracked down to windows reporting that the tcp connection had a -10000 series error.

It's a -10035 error. It seems to occur when tcp.writestream tries to write to the socket before the data that was written on the last iteration of the write loop hasn't yet been fully delivered to the network.

It would be interesting to see if adjusting the chunksize changed this.

According to the tests I ran, reducing the chunksize improves the situation only slightly. Still digging...

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