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Re: Magic 8032 bytes?

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:6/29/1999; 8:47:41 AM
Topic:Magic 8032 bytes?
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The 8032 bytes is the chunksize that the internal webserver sends back. I've seen this from both the dynamic userland hosted sites (when the traffic gets bad) and my own webedit server (when I had a crappy dialup link)

I _think_ I've only seen this from windows servers but I may be wrong. At one point I think I had this tracked down to windows reporting that the tcp connection had a -10000 series error. (resource temporarily unavailiable) This would only happen between chunks, due to the way that the data sending function was written.

It would be interesting to see if adjusting the chunksize changed this. I no longer have a slow modem connection, so I can't really simulate this with my equipment.

(( as an aside, it would be interesting to set up a squidcache as an accelerator on the local net where a frontier server was running. Use a large chunksize to send the whole page to the cache, from there any slow link can be dealt with using the cache, which is going to be using a better tcp sending apparatus than frontier has. I wonder if the userland's cobalt cube has squid installed?))


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