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Re: XML needs a killer app

Author:Jorn Barger
Posted:6/29/1999; 10:10:34 AM
Topic:XML needs a killer app
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Option A: Add a tag for PULLQUOTES that aggregators can format however they want (eg, indented with BLOCKQUOTE if the column width allows, enclosed in quotes or some other delimiter if not), and an option for link-URL that makes it visible. (This just gets messier and messier, though-- I'd also like to be able to sequence pullquotes and comments, and embed footnote-links [qv] within pullquotes.)

Option B: Rethink the whole concept, and instead of asking syndicators to supply an RSS-like file, ask for a set of regexps that aggregators can apply to a given page, that will extract the required text-items. This is what I really want, because it saves me maintaining separate files for HTML and XML/RSS/whatever.

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