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Re: XML needs a killer app

Author:Pat Breitenbach
Posted:6/29/1999; 1:32:58 PM
Topic:XML needs a killer app
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these options defeat all the benefits of XML!

yes...the "standard" DTD will be lower common denominator than you may be accustomed to with your existing site. i don't think (in userland's case, at least) that the answer is to create some regex, screen scraping tools. the answer is probably a give and take between the content publishers and the content aggregator who has authored the DTD with the end result likely forcing content publishers to alter their methods slightly _IF_ they wish to participate with the aggregator.

your requirements seem pretty straight-forward: a link, a source, a time-stamp and a blurb. i would be surprised if the current scriptingNews DTD is wildly limiting for this.

creating and storing your content in multiple formats is one of the primary reasons for using XML. create and store in XML (a superset of the scriptingNews DTD if you wish), render in HTML (using CSS or XSL, perhaps) for your own site and make the XML available to aggregators.

i wouldn't get too hung up on refusing to change how your log is formatted.

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