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Re: WebEx minus Two

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:6/29/1999; 5:01:06 PM
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WebEx provides what it considers to be the "technology" of connectivity: tools for document and application sharing, tools for scheduling.

Technography is a technology too. A different technology because it involves human processes and processors. But nonetheless a vital component of a communication infrastructure.

A central component, in fact of MyWebEx services, of my vision of WebEx's self-image as a technology for human collaboration.

What if the WebEx site were technographer-powered? And you just called a number and clicked on this and that and talked to someone, and that someone screenshared your way right to the very people and tools you needed to get together? What if these WebEx operators provided a completely voice-driven interface to shared applications that were developed specifically to enable whatever you needed to get enabled: the production of a document, a web page, a presentation? The finalization of yet one more alternative variation of the original plan? An actual agreement?

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