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Author:Kurt Granroth
Posted:6/30/1999; 8:03:12 AM layout problems
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You must realize that it's a lot easier to complain than to praise, right?

I absolutely love the userland sites! You continously have me doing the "wow, this is cool -- I'm telling everybody I know" dance with all the things happening here.

Yet you probably won't see this reflected in all of my posts to this DG. The fact remains that random acts of kindness are not easy to do -- complaining, however, is very easy to do.

I think, too, that there is a paradigm shift going on in thinking about complaints re: software. You said:

Fredrik, we appreciate what you've done to make XML-RPC possible on Python. I would never think of complaining about the bugs in that code. I wouldn't even expect you to fix them, because I appreciate what you've done.

This is where the shift is happening. In the Open Source world, it is expected that you "complain" (i.e., report) all bugs! If you were to use any of my programs, for instance, and you did not complain about the bugs you found, I would be offended!

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