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Re: Party-poopers not welcome here

Author:Mark Nottingham
Posted:6/30/1999; 8:11:32 AM layout problems
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Argh. This is not good.

Dave, I certainly understand your frustration; this is 'your baby' and it moves fast. It is very much a crucible for your and other people's ideas.

However, you've got to expect feedback, and not all of it can be glowing. In this instance, SN was set up as an online community; one which is made up of in all probability at least thousands of users. Changing how they access it is going to upset them. Yes, you posted a listing of changes, but I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that some of the interface is difficult to get around.

I'm frankly surprised at your statement that you want these services to stay professional; I find your tone of the entire venture, as expressed by your writing style, to be very casual. The use of 'party-pooper' is probably indicative. This isn't a bad thing.

People come to ScriptingNews because it's one of the magnets on the Internet at this time for some exciting things. Great. I think you need to think about the deliniation between what people depend on you for, and the 'cutting-edge' stuff. You're the mayor of a town; if you tear up main, street, people WILL complain. You can't get much more professional than that.

Of course, it *is* 1am here, and I *am* freezing my butt off, so I could just be hallucinating. Worse things have happened.

I'm really excited about what I read on SN every day. I couldn't go to sleep because I was thinking about syndication formats (wife rolls eyes). I hope this doesn't mean that the fun has died.

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