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Re: Party-poopers not welcome here

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/30/1999; 10:07:14 AM layout problems
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This is a Fine Forum For Feedback (four f's in a row there).

Things to avoid: Asking when things are going to be done (we never know). Saying we broke a promise unless you're absolutely sure we did. (A lot of people infer promises, that's not cool.) And asking twice. (Grrrrrr.)

Other things that come to mind: Speaking for other users, being paranoid (like assuming that a feature that's been unlinked from a UI is gone forever). Reporting bugs before checking your own code (this happens alll the time). Calling us stupid or incompetent or uncaring or putting expletives anywhere near a product or personal name. Confusing your emotions with something we did. (I saw a message recently where someone said our product made him spit. Who cares? I don't. I understand being frustrated. Say it that way, instead of making me responsible for your emotional outburst. I know I'm not responsible for it.)

Hey I know it's hard being a user of fast-evolving software. It's even harder to serve users of fast-evolving software, IMHO.

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