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Re: Party-poopers not welcome here

Author:David Gewirtz
Posted:6/30/1999; 10:11:17 AM layout problems
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This one struck a chord because some weeks, I have to measure the "bitch quotient" of my email. The Internet certainly makes it easy for folks to go on a rant.

First, I think there needs to be a clarification of the "casual" vs. "professional" idea. I believe it is absolutely possible to be both casual and professional at the same time. Professional is a term that describes a certain quality of work, dedication, and precision of communication. Casual often means a lack of stuffiness. So it's possible to communicate in a warm, friendly manner and still avoid the "Sir, yes Sir!" form of communication -- and also be aware the person you're communicating to isn't a family friend.

I operate a number of web sites, as do most of the readers here. Frankly, most of my readers also operate web sites. So we should all know that readers will bitch and perhaps it would make sense to keep our own bitching down in the hopes that we'll all generate less stomach acid.

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