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Re: Linux RDBMS Info(Python/Zope/PostgreSQL)

Author:Lindon Parker
Posted:6/30/1999; 9:06:00 PM
Topic:NT Licensing is worse than you fear.
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I'd be really interested to hear performance results(even subjective ones) for the Zope native OODBMS vs an add on RDBMS(like PostgreSQL).

I hear rumblings that Zope isn't a great solution for large scale sites, but I don't know what "large scale" means here.

Has anyone any experience on this? We'd like to use(try) Zope, like Dave is doing(good on you Dave) but we'd also like to know if we should be installing an RDBMS as well. I guess its not a biggie, what with the Linux install, Zope install, python install etc. (gulp) we are about to undertake one more item shouldn't be an issue, but it's nice to know what we'll need to do to get to a viable solution.



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