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The two-way clue-train

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/1/1999; 1:25:54 PM
Topic:The two-way clue-train
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To Doc and the other Cluetrain people, this is the flip side. When a company opens up channels for customers to communicate with other customers, the customers have responsibility too. They are foremost responsible for taking care of their own emotions, to know when they're projecting, and when they have a real issue. To understand that there are other customers, just as there were other people in the houses we grew up in, and their needs and wants are important too.

So, IMHO, the Cluetrain idea is bigger than just a set of lessons for manufacturers who want to become community leaders in the age of the Internet. The clue that the Internet offers is that we are not all members of each others' families. We are all different people, and we don't know each other, but we can work with each other if we respect the real geographic and cultural and economic differences. We each stay in our power, and respect the others' power, and everything will be fine.

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