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Syndication formats mailing list

Author:Mark Nottingham
Posted:7/2/1999; 2:14:19 AM
Topic:Syndication formats mailing list
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There are a lot of separate efforts to define XML news/announcement/syndication/resource discovery formats. All of them are happening behind closed doors, despite people's best intentions. As a result, we're going to end up with multiple, incompatible overlapping formats.

Let's get it out in the open. There are obviously enough people interested. If we can get everybody to hash out a core, then individual gathering places (like NetCenter, ScriptingNews and others) can add featues to a common standard.

A mailing list has been started to set some goals and start working. I really hope that we can get all interested parties, including the people who have already done so much work, to contribute.

To subscribe, send mail to

(sorry, I got the mail address slightly wrong in the first version of this)

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