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Author:Pat Breitenbach
Posted:7/2/1999; 12:46:46 PM
Topic:Syndication formats mailing list
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Here's an introductory on where I think this stuff might go. basically you write your content in XML, convert to HTML via XSL and add formatting with CSS. Sounds daunting at first just to do a web log but probably people will create nice XSL and CSS tampltes for a specific XML-schema or DTD and you'll be able to use them as is or tweak as necessary. Then, hopefully your back to spending most or all of your time on content.

I would think a scripting environment would be able to translate the XML into HTML via XSL since XSL is IE 5-only at the moment.

ps sites like this that call themselves "SiteExperts" seem to undermine themselves by having such a cruddy site.

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