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Author:Edd Dumbill
Posted:7/2/1999; 1:43:16 PM
Topic:Syndication formats mailing list
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You may want to have a look at my XSL stylesheet for the existing ScriptingNews 2.0b1 format at

XSL is currently available in several implementations on the server side so it's possible to do fun things with it now. Unfortunately the XSL in IE5 is frozen in time before the XSL spec is completely finalized, so really it's "MS-XSL".

For Internet use, as opposed to a one-browser environment, I don't think XSL will be useful client-side for about one to two years, as I don't think widespread adoption of it in browsers will happen until then.

For me, HTML 4 (transitional) and cross-browser CSS rules for the client-side, and XML/XSL for the server/content-management side.

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