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Re: XML-RPC for Emacs

Author:Faisal Jawdat
Posted:7/2/1999; 6:30:39 PM
Topic:XML-RPC for Emacs
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This reminds me of the time when a friend of mine hooked got the lisp engine in Emacs talking to the lisp engine that drives GWM. "I'll make GNU-Emacs my X-11 window manager or die trying."

With Frontier running I can tie XML-RPC to arbitrary scripts that run the Mac OS? Windows? Via COM? There's this fantasy world where all apps can talk to each other via a uniform layer and the user can program how they act. Actually that world doesn't seem so far away, it just takes some Usertalk hacking. Mind you, Frontier seems a bit heavyweight for this, and if it goes down, bad things happen. Hmm. Too bad it's not a system level server and set of services that all apps could deal with. Then Frontier would be a coding interface to it, but it would get out of the way when you aren't coding.

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