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No more 404s at InfoWorld but a new problem pops up

Author:Lawrence Lee
Posted:7/4/1999; 10:48:20 PM
Topic:No more 404s at InfoWorld but a new problem pops up
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First, the good news is that links to old InfoWorld stories are now redirected to their new home at

However, in the process of moving their archives into their new templates, it's created a visual mess of text that has no breaks and seems to flow on and on and on...


It's impossible to imagine anyone that would be able to get past a few sentences without getting an immense knot in their brain.

Sure there are more ideal solutions to address how people read on the Web. But until that happens, please bring back some breaks in the text.

Amazon.Com makes their share of mistakes, but they win with usability as their primary focus
Jakob Nielsen was quoted in an article in tomorrow's Arizona Republic:

"The reason why some sites get famous, like, is that they make usability the primary focus. What makes it easy for people to buy a book or CD?" Nielsen said. "They are not geniuses. I've noticed them doing stupid things. But if they make a mistake, they fix it immediately. They know what works and what doesn't work."


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