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scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/5/1999; 5:56:52 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99
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PC Mag on XML-RPC: "The Web, which was built on HTML, is being rebuilt on XML; and a new XML protocol called XML-RPC.. designed to let developers write automated routines making use of XML--is gaining momentum as well."

1/29/99: "I was surprised, my impression was that Microsoft moves in lockstep, that they execute quickly, but I found that this is not true."

Fortune: New Search Tools. "The Web has lacked the reference librarian. Yes, there's Yahoo. The indexing that Yahoo's Web researchers do often gets me further than the global searches performed by engines like Alta Vista, but it's not good enough. And as the Web has grown the problem has become worse."

Stephan Somogyi: Measuring open source. "The company should open up the interim source code now, not in three or four months. Apple has little to lose, and -- as the fast bug fixers showed the various server benchmarkers -- much to gain from such a move."

InfoWorld.Com's archives work again, here's a pointer to a story about Microsoft and XML-RPC from July 1998, but as Lawrence Lee points out, the story is horribly formatted. "It's impossible to imagine anyone that would be able to get past a few sentences without getting an immense knot in their brain." Thanks to Lawrence for staying on top of this. Lots of good stuff in InfoWorld's archives.

Let's say your sweetie cooks a really great meal for you...

Part 2 of the eating tutorial.

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