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Re: We Make Shitty Software, With Bugs

Author:David Glenn
Posted:7/5/1999; 11:32:32 AM
Topic:Link colors
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Well, since I've already blown my cover...

I fully respect your 'editorial' policy here, even if I don't necessarily agree with it. I state my customer status as a matter of fact only, no special power attached. Nonetheless, I do find your editorial response interesting (remove the message and incorrectly paraphrase it).

As to your editorial power (not you personally) in this DG, I can just say I find it a bit hostile and off-putting (see the words lecturing, challenge, rules in your message). I am offering you, as a money-making entity, ideas and information to make your product more appealing to me, the potential or current customer. Useful information no matter the source. Why you choose to squelch this type of information in this DG boggles the mind.


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