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scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/6/1999; 6:23:04 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99
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XML.COM: iSyndicate backs ICE. "Though more than 80 firms participated in the development of the initial ICE spec, few vendors other than Vignette are advertising support for the spec in their products."

New UserLand.Com feature, Bookmarks pane on the News page. Here's a screen shot. You can edit your bookmarks thru a new pane on I set the Home button in my browser now to point to News.UserLand.Com. We're going to integrate this with My.UserLand.Com, so you can have channels link to the home page.

PC WORLD reviews Lotus QuickPlace. "Given all its success with Notes, you might expect Lotus to make a compelling Web-based workgroup application. Not exactly. Judging from our experience with a prerelease version, the company's new QuickPlace workgroup program--though miles ahead of its predecessor, Lotus Instant Teamroom--still lags several steps behind the competition."

Robert Cringely: Let It Ride. "Spend some time around some Internet zillionaires and you'll come away with the sense that they don't really believe their wealth. Maybe it isn't real. Certainly it is considered in bad taste to actually buy things with the money. Instead, the archetype is David Filo of Yahoo, who lives in the same grotty apartment and drives the same grotty car as he did as a Stanford graduate student." Maybe they love the work they do? Money just isn't that important, IMHO.

CNN: Slow sites cost vendors billions. "Slow download times at online shopping sites could place at risk as much as $4.35 billion in U.S. e-commerce revenues each year, says a report released this week by Zona Research."

Michael Alderete thinks I should run Linux Don't Blink thru DaveNet. I'm thinking about it now. (I'd have to clean it up a little.)

InfoWorld: Broadband Hits Home.

ICANNWatch's mission is "to serve as a central point of reference about what ICANN is and is not doing, to make this site a kind of hill overlooking the often chaotic information landscape from which anyone seeking a better understanding of these developments can survey the everchanging terrain."

Hannes Wallnöfer announces a new version of XML-RPC for Java.

New channel: Useful Things.

This afternoon on the Script Meridian Community list I responded to speculation on what Manila is. "Manila is not a workstation product, it runs on the server. It is designed to be very easy, content management for the rest of us, no scripting. But you get the major benefits of Frontier, separation of form from content, separate spaces for stories and graphics. Templates, and glossary (in Manila glossary entries are called shortcuts). All configuration and writing is done thru the browser. It's not ready for prime-time yet, since simplicity is the central goal, it can't be released in rough form. Also, it's a development platform, you can customize it ad infinitum."

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