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XML-RPC via E-mail
Posted:7/6/1999; 8:13:35 AM
Topic:XML-RPC via E-mail
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I realize that most of XML-RPC's potential is when used over the HTTP protocol. However there's a certain class of applications in which a store-and-forward type of messaging is useful. We have a standard protocol for that already - SMTP.

Sample application, just for a taste of what's possible: Having your bank maintain, _on your local disk_, a mirror of their log of all transactions in your account - by sending you periodic XML-RPC E-mail messages to add to it. The messages would have to be encrypted and signed, of course. You could never do this with XML-RPC over HTTP.

What I'd like to see is a standard format for XML-RPC E-mail messages. This touches on the issue of the MIME type of an XML-RPC message (currently text/xml). If the type was something like application/xml-rpc then the above would be pretty easy - E-mail clients already know to redirect messages to handler applications according to the MIME type; issues of security and privacy can likewise build upon E-mail standards.

How about it? Has this been raised before?

Oren Ben-Kiki

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