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Re: config.mainresponder.urls

Author:Mark Gillingham
Posted:7/6/1999; 3:08:58 PM
Msg #:8258 (In response to 8255)
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Hmmm again. After several reads of$configMainresponderUrls I am still not certain what the urls table is for, but let me hazard another guess. I can't make a bigger fool of myself than I already have. Perhaps I can. . .

The Names in the urls table are used by mainResponder to do its work. The Values are set up so that no object that mainResponder needs is empty and makes some sense. If one wants the mainResponder to make a different type of sense, than a Value could be changed. Each value must specify a real entity (e.g., folder, object).

Is that closer to what the config.mainResponder.urls is for?

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