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Let It Ride

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:7/6/1999; 6:02:11 PM
Topic:Let It Ride
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Robert Cringely: Let It Ride. "Spend some time around some Internet zillionaires and you'll come away with the sense that they don't really believe their wealth. Maybe it isn't real. Certainly it is considered in bad taste to actually buy things with the money. Instead, the archetype is David Filo of Yahoo, who lives in the same grotty apartment and drives the same grotty car as he did as a Stanford graduate student." Maybe they love the work they do? Money just isn't that important, IMHO.

Money being important is a very subjective thing.

I do well. I don't do amazingly great, but I do pretty good. Good enough for me right now.

I like having a car that's nice (it's a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible, fully loaded). It's cost 27K and I wanted something like that for a long time before I got it. But I don't have to cast off all normal personal affectations and push to be a "rich looking guy" to enjoy life. I live in a normal house in a normal town. I don't have Armani suits and I eat at cheap restaurants like everyone else.

I think that's what's important. To not change because of the money. But to use the money in intelligent ways to open up the opportunities for yourself to make life more pleasant. This can involve charities, causes, corporations, cars, houses or even nothing at all. It's a very personal thing.

I think that what a person does with their money is very telling about them in many ways.

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