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Re: XML-RPC for Emacs

Author:Sidney Markowitz
Posted:7/6/1999; 11:46:57 PM
Topic:XML-RPC for Emacs
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you might be able to reuse the very good SGML parser that comes with psgmls-mode

It appears that some work on that has already been done. I won't have time to pursue it after all, but perhaps one or the other of these two references will help push someone else into working on it.



By: Philippe Le Hégaret
Version: 13.Aug.98 release
Platforms: Emacs
Info on web:

sxml-mode is a simple extension to the Emacs PSGML mode that adapts it for XML editing. sxml-mode comes with an XML parser and a SAX 1.0 application for validating XML documents from within Emacs. sxml-mode can be used with any validating XML parser (in Java) that has a SAX driver.


And from the Changelog file at

* lisp/xml.el: New way to parse XML documents using an external process and some new support tools based upon 'expat', the XML parser from James Clark.


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