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scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/7/1999; 6:19:59 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99
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DaveNet: Linux Don't Blink.

Press release: UserLand and Digital Creations Form Strategic Alliance; Frontier and Zope to Interoperate Using XML-RPC Standard.

Following up on the changes at InfoWorld.Com, I learned today that they're going back to the old format. This should happen in the next few days.

XML-RPC appears on Freshmeat.Net. Thanks!

Useful Inc has an XML-RPC client/server for PHP.

WebMonkey: Startup tips from Vets.

Paul Reiber: "They're asking you for advice on how to navigate near Linux; that's clearly an indication that they don't intend to keep a respectful distance from it. My only free advice to the MS-cruise-ship about how it should deal with the solid rock shores of the continent of Linux would be 'throttle down and learn how to aim, or get ready to abandon ship.'" Response.

CNN: "A 25-year-old hacker, hoping to give Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra a bit of a nudge after it was announced he trailed Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter by some 20,000 votes, went to work on a computer program that took advantage of Major League Baseball's newest method of voting -- via the Internet."

Jodi Mardesich on Desktop.Com. "They're building a place on the Web where you can find the equivalent of everything you use on your computer desktop."

LinuxToday points to today's DaveNet. Thanks to Eric Kidd for keeping them in the loop, and thanks to Linux Today for implementing a back-end file that My.UserLand.Com can render as a channel.

Wired: Can the Internet drive you mad? "The Net can be scary for anyone who's never used it, but for patients suffering from paranoid delusional psychosis, it can be an extreme torment."

Janelle Brown: "After spending a few hours trolling the Web with Third Voice, scrolling through endless pages of throw-away posts, I came to the community site expecting to witness an outpouring of homophobic epithets. Instead, I came across a thought-provoking discussion about whether there was a need for Gay Pride marches, and what the ramifications of a Hetero-Pride march might be. There were signs of intelligent life after all."

Here's a cool fact. If you do an AltaVista search for Third Voice, our Discussion Group thread shows up in the first page. That's power!

Motley Fool: From the Starbuck's Folder. "If you are in a Starbucks when a thunderstorm rolls up, run shrieking from the store because even though the kids behind the counter are mostly a pleasure, several of them have enough metal poking from their ears and faces to suck all the electrical charge from the air for a square mile."

Slate: They Love Bloat. "Hey, Shuman, why is Microsoft software so bloated, so full of junk, sucking up megs of space on my hard drive, hogging memory, and taking forever to load!"

ZDNET: Are portals losing their magic? "Internet users are getting more sophisticated, and that could mean trouble for the portals, the biggest sites on the Internet, according to new findings."

New feature: Member profiles can now include a picture. You can upload a picture thru the Picture and Statement panel.

This morning I'm listening to Elvis Costello's Get Happy!! "I found myself down at the dockside, thinking of the old days of Liverpool and Rotherhide. The transparent people who live on the other side, living a life that is almost like suicide."

The Nirvana server, which hosts the DG and My.UserLand.Com, among other sites, hit a glitch at midnight, and was off the air for six hours. Sorry!

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