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A lose-lose situation

Author:Tommy Sundström
Posted:7/13/1999; 4:24:22 AM
Topic:Changing email of membership
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Sorry David, you can't win this debate. If you provide high enough security to actually protect peoples information, your system will be percived as clumsy and limited. And if you relax the security, sooner or later you will be accused of not protectiong your users. It's a lose-lose situation.

Already today the Userland system can be accused of having a security thats not 100%. If you are in the position to peek at peoples mail, you could easily get their password (and from that you will soon be able to get their VISA number).

Is this acceptable? My (personal) answer is yes. I find the risk small, and the gain big (since I'm a person who far to frequently forgets my password).

But I don't see so much gain in being able to change my email address. This I do so seldom that I rather would retype my personal data, than have Userland open a new potential hole in security.

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