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How I read the discussion group

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:7/16/1999; 9:16:42 PM
Topic:How I read the discussion group
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I like to read all the entries when I get home from work, but it's hard to kick back and move from message to message. In addition to that it's often hard for me to remember where I am. So I wrote this script, it goes in my shared menu for explorer (sorry I guess it will only work on a Mac) and then I assigned a key stroke. Now I can pick up where I left off and trawl....
local(url = webBrowser.getFrontWindowURL ());
if url contains "/discuss/" {
	local (path = string.urlSplit (url));
	num = string.nthField (path[3],"$",2);
	numb = number (num);
	numb = string (++numb);
	scratchpad.newPath = string.replace (url,num,numb)};
webbrowser.openUrl (scratchpad.newpath);
Enjoy, Sam D

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