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Re: PerlScript (Re: Today's scriptingNews Outline)

Author:Jason Domina
Posted:7/17/1999; 12:23:55 PM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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You can mix and match them(PerlScript and VBScript) pretty easily. Just enclose your perl script in the "script" tag with runat set to server. So if you have a perl sub Foo that you want to ouput to your page you can just Response.write(Foo). There are some pretty good examples here.

If your company develops components to run in ASP, you should also check out the Perl Developement Kit. Version 1.2 beta has just been released. You can get it from ActiveState. You can create ActiveX Controls with perl using this. I haven't played around with it much yet, but it sure looks cool.

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