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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/20/1999; 6:49:45 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: The Bees are Back.

8/26/98: All About Bees. "A lot of people thought when I wrote this piece that the Bees were symbolic of Be Inc. To the best of my knowledge, they were not."

Be IPO'd today. They got their money. All is well!

An email I sent to Jean-Louis Gassee.

News.Com: Be Goes Public, But Doubts Persist. My opinion only: There's a niche for Be. Now that they are public, they can offer cheap stock to developers who deliver apps. Linux can't do this, and Microsoft never has.

Dan Bricklin: How I Got Permission to Post Visicalc.

Jacob's Angst continues to impress.

Press release: $299 web server, including hardware.

News Byproducts celebrates the Moon Landing TV show. "Even David Copperfield's vanishing Great Wall has failed to have the same lasting impact."

Extra! News Byproducts mentions the fact that we mentioned them. Will the recursion continue?

We bought yet another domain name over the weekend. This one is going to be fun. A textarea and a button. A confirmation dialog. You are about to create a standard. OK or Cancel? Warning: By creating a new standard, you will always have to do it this way, and so will everyone else. ;->

SF Chronicle: "'There's rich, there's filthy rich -- and then there's Woodside.' Those are the first words of David A. Kaplan's new book, The Silicon Boys, the words that got the book yanked from the Web site of Buck's of Woodside within two hours of its posting." Hey I wish they had pointed to the website. Also they should check their facts. A little screwed up there at the Chron.

Jesse Berst: "When working stiffs need a break, they call in sick for a few days. When Microserfs need a break, they call in rich. Forever."

I've got a baaaad cold today, so don't expect much here in the next day or so. We'll see! Watch the My.UserLand.Com home page for the fastest changing and most informative news on the web.

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