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Re: Liquid HTML in news stories?

Author:Edd Dumbill
Posted:7/20/1999; 3:02:53 PM
Topic:Liquid HTML in news stories?
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I find that I can get a pleasing effect by increasing the size of the window.

Disclaimer: half-remembered waffle ahead:

A while back I was involved in doing a bit of research in order to get some guidelines together for a web site. As part of this we did a small usability test on a group of people with the site in question. One interesting thing we noted was that while people were happy to scroll a web page (contrary to the expectations of some of our design colleagues) they did not resize the browser window from its original size.

Draw your own conclusions (if any). The test was only a small one so I can't say it's scientific, but there may be some logic in there. It seems to be supported empirically by some of my own personal observations.

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