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Re: iBook is good?

Author:Don W Strickland
Posted:7/21/1999; 10:19:22 PM
Topic:iBook is good?
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...I can tell you, you are not using the full strength of your iMac.

I know they (my wife & kids) aren't using it's potential. That is a good thing and part of the reason we have a 233 rather than a 333 Mhz machine. Yes they leave lots-o-stuff running. At the end of the day it often is running some game that the 5 yr old started that morning, Netscape, Eudora, QuickTime Player, Telnet, and perhaps some game or MUD editor. If they were short on RAM or cycles, I'm sure they'd be bugging me to install this RAM.

I run a 300 Mhz PB-G3 with 192 MB & 8 GB ... I know the difference and I am certain that 32 MB and 300 Mhz is plenty for a minimum iBook. I assume more RAM is as easy to add as the AirPort card, so don't make me buy it just because some buyers want it.

I think the iBook (if delivered in September) is an out-of-the-park home run.

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