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IM Protocols vs. IM Applications

Author:Daniel G. Budiac
Posted:8/1/1999; 9:15:18 AM
Topic:IM Protocols vs. IM Applications
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Seems to me that what's needed is a standardization of Instant Messaging protocols. And a standardization of simple applications like basic messaging as well, but room for innovation in other areas like collaborative outlining and such.

Much like HTTP is to the Web. All browsers speak HTTP, but each is free to innovate with their own features if they so choose. Eventually the smart developers will involve a standards body like the W3C. Strong applications will thrive. Weak applications, much like the My question is this: Would IRC serve this purpose? I'm not a big chat person, so I don't know enough about it to see if it would fit. But it's an established set of protocols, a distributed network of servers, and the basic functionality for instant messaging — chat — has been around for ages.

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