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Re: Instant Messaging is Dead

Author:Derek Odegard
Posted:8/1/1999; 4:53:12 PM
Topic:Instant Messaging is Dead
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I'm certainly not going to defend ICQ! I find it to be a terribly unpleasant program. But AOL IM and MSN Messenger do what I want them to do... let me know when my friends are online, and allow me to exchange short messages. There are features I wish they'd add (for example AOL does not store my buddy list on a server, so I have to update my settings manually on each of the 4-6 computers I use), but I hope they always keep things simple.

Also, I see that you do PR for technology companies. Is Odigo one of your clients? If so, your comments still have merit, but I hope you'd agree that it would be misleading not to offer that information.


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