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Instant Messaging is Dead

Author:Steven Blinn
Posted:8/1/1999; 11:14:24 AM
Topic:Instant Messaging is Dead
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Instant messaging is dead. Microsoft, Prodigy, AOL, they're all fossils.

On the other hand, Odigo ( from Israeli-based Novawiz, combines a real-time sophisticated search technique based on users' real-time interests with instant messaging, chat-on-page and temporary web page note posting tools into one fun, easy-to-use, feature-rich application. You could say it's HotBot, Third Voice and ICQ on steroids.

Anyway, while AOL and Microsoft are fighting over "instant messaging," a new generation of companies like NovaWiz are unvieling products that go way beyond instant messaging and are instead integrating search and communications tools, of which real time searches, instant messaging (and post-it note messages, for that matter) are only a part of the solution.

My two cents, Steven Blinn

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