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Re: Job Posting

Author:Steve Hooker
Posted:8/3/1999; 9:30:40 AM
Topic:Where to Post Frontier Develpment Job
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This is from an email from Jim Byrne sent over on the Script Meridian list...

What is EditIt?

EditIt is the easiest way to add an 'Edit this Page' button to your Frontier managed web page. It uses Frontiers build in and recently much ignored CGI capacity. Now works with Guest Databases.

Full instructions and the source code can be found at:

Hope someone finds it useful.

I've tried it... You just put a macro into a mR built page. They hit the edit this button, a form page pops up with the contents of that page in Frontier. That is the page without HTML - the page before it's pushed through the template. Simple!

I know that you haven't converted to mR yet... I'm just climbing the curve. It isn't difficult just to convert to serve pages. Multiple templates were a little more tricky, the search engine easy, DGs - a right old pig. I haven't tried the News stuff yet.


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