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Author:Jesse Estevez
Posted:8/2/1999; 8:35:22 PM
Topic:Where to Post Frontier Develpment Job
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We currently render static pages to Apache. But oh, the sweet temptation of "Edit This Page".

What I would like is some combination of static rendering to an external server, combined with intranet serving of our site with an "Edit This Page" button. Webedit is fine and dandy, but even using callbacks to handle check-ins and check-outs, I've found our staff uncomfortable with using Frontier. They are worried they'll do something terrible.

I love Frontier and can put together decent scripts, but this, on the face of it, is more than I know how to handle (or have the time to, for that matter). The basic strategy, I think, would be two copies of the web site. One, served by mainResponder to our intranet, would allow for the "Edit This Page" feature. However, after a page was edited, it would be copied over to the second copy of the site, to pages rendered statically, and the update to our external server would happen automatically.

If my approach is wrong-headed, please let me know. Particularly if you are interested in building this system for us.

If you are interested or have questions, please let me know via private email.



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