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Re: Let's try again

Author:David Valentine
Posted:8/3/1999; 11:10:58 PM
Topic:Microsoft response to Instant Messaging
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I think should MS to open source it's IM products (less of course the AOL access stuff).

MS is saying open standards, but it has a problem with sticking to them, IMOHO. Better described, it has a problem with following through the standards process to final implementation, and it adds proprietary information to "Enhance the user experience". With 90% of the OS market, MS is just the biggest offender, and not the only offender.

I would like to see that everyone can access the MS IM servers because they are open.

As I percieve it, MSN mess will be able to access open standards based IM servers, but other IM clients will not be able to access the full power of the MSN IM servers because there are propriety implementions/extentions or it is an incomplete implementation of the standard.

How do you guarentee the company who seems to crow the loudest, will follow through on it crowing? Opening up the development tree. that or a promise of say 10,000 shares to OSF if it doesn't do it?

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