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Re: Deep Linking

Author:Jim Goodman
Posted:8/10/1999; 7:30:42 AM
Topic:Deep Linking
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This is a very touch subject. Forget what Infoworld says on their page. Take a look here...

Once again, Ticketmaster is angry about deep linking. This is very interesting and should determine the outcome of deep linking just as their suit against Sidewalk would have if they hadn't settled.

For me, this one touches home. I was an originator of Ticketmaster online back in the day, and i left earlier this year after helping to do a roll-up in the industry - so I know both of these players intimately.

I think that deep linking is VERY important to the net culture. But if you take a look at how some people/companies deep link, I understand why those that do get angry.

Just my two cents....


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