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Re: a way for aol to win?

Author:David Valentine
Posted:8/10/1999; 4:15:04 PM
Topic:Is it time to short AOL?
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I think they oringinally thought about merging IM and ICQ, but like hotmail's move to NT, it's a bit more complex than they probably thought.

The large AIM installed base that may not be able to move to new protocols. AOL is stuck with it's IM format for a while. When open protocols are sumitted it could add open IM formats to it's clients, and it could add open protocols to it's servers.

But that is not what MS want's. MS wants AOL's eyeballs, and expertise in the IM area. And they don't want to pay. Notice, MS did not make a new open IM network. It made a new closed IM network. MSN mess customers get upset when AOL cut them off, but here is my perspective on that.

This IM spat EQUAL to Celluar Phone Cloning. MS discovered a way to make the IM phone call for free. Now when MS IM customers get cut off after they are discovered, they complain. Other companies are agreeing to provide authorized access.

In addtion, when asked, MS does not answer the questions. Not only here, but also on the instant messaging list, where it is a supposed active member.

Will Microsoft be documenting the MSN-specific protocol and/or allowing 3rd party clients to connect to the network? <>
In response to:
MS IM Announcement <>

Which includes statements like:
... while the MSN Messenger Service uses a different, MSN-specific protocol that is optimized for a large, centralized deployment like MSN.

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