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Is it time to short AOL?

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:8/7/1999; 1:28:18 PM
Topic:Is it time to short AOL?
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Seems to me like AOL is on a self-destruct course:

* This IM war is playing into Microsoft's hands, now AOL is even mistreating its own clients by preventing them from communicating with people using MS IM. Every passing day the $180 million investment in Mirabilis is looking worse and worse for stock holders..

* I can get free access (28.8) to all of the interesting content on the Internet, or I can pay the same amount as AOL and get DSL access.

* Whenever I hit a URL that starts with I just give up, its useless waiting for that to load.

* They just conclusively lost the browser wars and they dont have a convincing entry in the server market.

* The AOL Stigma: AOL == clueless spamming newbies in most cluefull people's minds..


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