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Re: Microsoft Aims At Linux

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:8/11/1999; 5:41:58 AM
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"At Microsoft we spend about $3 billion on development, so our operating system is tested in all environments. My concern is that if there are so many people developing Linux, customers will not have confidence that it will work so well."

Bwa? What in the blue blazes is this?

There are a lot of people developing Linux -> It doesn't work well?

This has GOT to be a quote taken out of context, or even a misquote. This isn't FUD. This is nonsense. It has no meaning. I suppose

There are 3 billion dollars worth of people developing Windows -> It does work well.

would be a microsoft contention. What's the difference... the three billion dollars? Microsoft's design philosophy? The Microsoft Quality Magic that we are all so familiar with?

What is true about this statement from Microsoft that can't be said about Microsoft itself? Help me here....

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